Development of Faith

First Spiritual Exercises (FSE) -

a series of weekly 10 minute prayers presented by Jesuit Mission and FSE Team at the Australian Jesuit Province - view here

Becoming a Catholic

The question is often asked: How do I become a Catholic? Interested? Do you know someone who is curious? Do you have a friend who would be interested? For those who choose to commit, Lent will be a time of preparation. Baptism, Confirmation and Communion will be received on Easter Saturday evening, when we celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus.

Please contact the Parish Office for further information.

Faith Development Hawthorn Catholic

Campion Spirituality Centre

The Campion Ignatian Spirituality Centre, sponsored by the Australian Jesuits, is dedicated to strengthening individuals in a quiet, peaceful environment that encourages reflection and growth in spirituality and supporting the community through its outreach programs.

Contact Campion on 9854 8110 or via

Retreat in Daily Life

​The Retreatant lives at home and works as they normally do, with a commitment to 1/2 hour of prayer each day. They commit themselves to a weekly conversation with their Spiritual Director. Contact Parish Office for more information.

Spiritual Direction

Any parishioner looking for spiritual direction, (during the day), please contact the Parish Office.

Publications available in the Narthex at Immaculate Conception Church

Australian Catholics magazine (also online at )

Boroondara Deanery News

Catholic Leader (Brisbane Archdiocese - )

Companions (Australian Jesuits - )

The Far East  - The Columban Mission Magazine ( )

Online Only publications

Caritas News

Eureka Street (Australian Jesuits) 

Catholic and Jesuit publications
Publications at ICC

Books available from the Parish Office

Disturbing the Dust (Fr Tony Herbert SJ)

In “Disturbing the Dust” Australian missionary Fr Tony Herbert SJ recounts some of his many experiences during his years as a missionary in India’s Hazaribag Province. Disabused of the romanticism of poverty, he relates his experiences as a Jesuit immersed in the lives of India’s poorest, most marginalised caste the Dalits. Perhaps most poignantly, he tackles the many ways in which his ministry has shaped him and his idea of church and faith.

Copies may be purchased at the Parish Office ($30) or via

Reason and Religion in an Age of Science (Fr Terry Kelly SJ)

An important book on science and religion has been published by Fr Terry Kelly SJ. This deals with the relationship between science and religion in layman terms. Terry is both a fine theologian and scientist. I strongly recommend this to anyone interested in these issues. Fr Des.

Published by ATF Press PO Box 504 Hindmarsh SA 5007