FSE Field Hospital

By Fr Michael Hansen SJ (JISA Ministries)

Pope Francis offered this image, 'I see the church as a field hospital after battle. The thing the church needs most today is the ability to heal wounds and to warm the hearts of the faithful.'

Amid the COVID-19 virus world we find ourselves in, Fr Michael Hansen SJ has created a Field Hospital of hospital departments and Ignatian spiritual exercises for those who, in lock down, illness or serving the sick, need critical help and healing now.

Each week a new Field Hospital exercise will be added below - for more information see the Field Hospital at JISA Ministries

Introduction to the Field Hospital - Spiritual exercises for a pandemic

The Listening Book - praying and reflecting

Water in the desert.JPG
Protecting Nationality.JPG
Reaching out.JPG

Week 10 - Reaching out

Shelter from storms.JPG
Revival of Spirit
Releasing Stress
Empowering Wings
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Accepting Hope.JPG
Power of gentleness.JPG
Fruitful heart.JPG
Food for Life.JPG

Week 1 - Food for Life