FSE Field Hospital

By Fr Michael Hansen SJ (JISA Ministries)

Jesuit & Ignatian Spirituality Australia Discernment Series

Over the coming year, JISA will be presenting a series of explorations from JISA and Jesuit friends with spiritual exercises from God’s Field Hospital, and retreats on discernment – to inform, enlighten and encourage on many aspects of discernment - explore here

Field Hospital

Pope Francis offered this image, 'I see the church as a field hospital after battle. The thing the church needs most today is the ability to heal wounds and to warm the hearts of the faithful.'

Amid the COVID-19 virus world we find ourselves in, Fr Michael Hansen SJ has created a Field Hospital of hospital departments and Ignatian spiritual exercises for those who, in lock down, illness or serving the sick, need critical help and healing now.

For more information see the Field Hospital at JISA Ministries


NOTE: Series 2 has finished. We will update this page if a new series commences

Introduction to the Field Hospital - Spiritual exercises for a pandemic

The Listening Book - praying and reflecting

Heart without ego.JPG
Exploring hope.JPG

Week 16 - Exploring Hope

Becoming light.JPG

Week 14 - Becoming light

Protecting Nationality.JPG
Reaching out.JPG

Week 10 - Reaching out

Shelter from storms.JPG
Revival of Spirit
Releasing Stress
Empowering Wings
Heartfelt faith.JPG

Week 19 - Heartfelt faith

Inspiring energy.JPG
Scanning wisdom.JPG

Week 15 - Scanning wisdom

Water in the desert.JPG
Boosting gratitude.JPG
Checking symptoms.JPG
Accepting Hope.JPG
Power of gentleness.JPG
Fruitful heart.JPG
Food for Life.JPG

Week 1 - Food for Life