FSE Field Hospital

By Fr Michael Hansen SJ (JISA Ministries)

Pope Francis offered this image, 'I see the church as a field hospital after battle. The thing the church needs most today is the ability to heal wounds and to warm the hearts of the faithful.'

Amid the COVID-19 virus world we find ourselves in, Fr Michael Hansen SJ has created a Field Hospital of hospital departments and Ignatian spiritual exercises for those who, in lock down, illness or serving the sick, need critical help and healing now.

Each week a new item in the series will be added to this page.

The Parish is currently running some prayer groups with this focus and we are inviting parishioners to join a prayer group via Zoom (the Parish can assist you to set this up on your computer if you are unfamiliar). The groups are being led by Donna Bosnjak.

Meeting fortnightly for approximately 3/4 of an hour with 4-6 people in each group, they are given freely with various times slots available. Once you have registered your interest you will be sent some options for either a daytime or evening group. Limited places available.

The Spiritual Exercises are given with a different prayer focus each gathering, drawing on your lived experience, your present feelings and desire. Each exercise is prayed and reflected upon with an invitation to share your stories and graces.

Email your interest to Donna Bosnjak at icchawthornpastoral@gmail.com 

Introduction to the Field Hospital - Spiritual exercises for a pandemic

The Listening Book - praying and reflecting

Two hands for you.JPG
Releasing joy.JPG

Week 18 (Physiotherapy) - Releasing Joy

Utter forgiveness.JPG

Week 16 (Intensive care) - Utter Forgiveness

Endangered family.JPG

Week 14 (Walking wounded) - Endangered Family

Breaking bonds.JPG

Week 12 (Intensive Care) - Breaking Bonds 

Liberating laughter.JPG

Week 10 (Immunology) - Liberating Laughter

Rebuilding respect.JPG

Week 8 (Critical Care) - Rebuilding Respect

Providing a lifeline.JPG

Week 6 (Triage) - Providing a Lifeline

Enhancing delight

Week 4 (Immunology) - Enhancing Delight

Take courage.JPG

Week 2 (Emergency) - Take Courage

Setting free

Week 19 - Setting Free

Accepting care.JPG

Week 17 (Pain management) - Accepting Care

Empowering Wings.JPG

Week 15 (Transfusion) - Empowering Wings

Breath of Life tiny.JPG

Week 13 (Transfusion) - Breath of Life

Protecting you.JPG

Week 11 (Triage) - Protecting You

Insisting on rest.JPG

Week 9 (Critical Care) - Insisting on Rest

Gentle life support.JPG

Week 7 (First Aid) - Gentle Life Support

Transforming dreams

Week 5 (Transfusion) - Transforming dreams

CPR of peace.JPG

Week 3 (First Aid) - CPR of Peace


Week 1 (Admissions) - Welcome

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