Parish Office

The staff at the Parish office coordinate the sacramental program, parishioner groups, outreach activities and parish administration. See the list below for some of the areas involved - further information is shown on the linked pages.

Sacraments and Parishioner Groups

Baptisms and other Sacraments - see Sacraments

Weddings - see Weddings

See Parishioner Groups for information about Eucharistic Ministers to the sick, Manresa Care, Visiting Sick / Elderly and other ways to participate in parish community life.

Stamps for Jesuit Missions

​Stamps are needed for re-sale to benefit the Jesuit Missions. Used stamps can be collected and dropped off to the Mission Office at Provincial House, Power St, Hawthorn.

Sacraments at Immaculate Conception Hawthorn
Baptisms at Immaculate Conception Hawthorn

New Parishioners and Change of address


New Parishioners

We welcome you to the Immaculate Conception Church at Hawthorn. To help you become involved in any of the various ministries of the parish, we invite you to fill in the New Parishioner questionnaire and return to the Parish Office.

Notification of change of address

​We would appreciate any parishioner who may have changed address or contact details in the last twelve months, to please advise the Parish Office.

Stewardship Program

​The Stewardship program provides a means for parishioners to assist the parish financially and is an important area of involvement for parishioners.

Remembering our deceased loved ones


Remembrance Book

You are welcome to request names to be added to the Remembrance Book at the rear of the Church. There is a form at the start of the book where you may add the name of the person to be remembered, and the date of their anniversary. The person does not have to be a former parishioner. Due to privacy regulations, we may not add names without request. 


Resurrection Wall

Our Resurrection Wall in our front garden is available to those who might like to fix a plaque there to commemorate a family member or friend who has died. If you would like to place a plaque there, please contact the parish office. You can view a sample of the plaque on the resurrection Wall. Each plaque costs $550