Manresa Care

About Manresa Care

Manresa Care is a voluntary body of friends of the Hawthorn Catholic Parish. It aims to encourage ordinary people to share their time and resources to help one another. In this we try to put into effect a Christian concern for people in our community. We deal with parishioners within our community who are elderly, isolated or sick. Any resident of Hawthorn is eligible for assistance.


Over 100 people are involved in providing assistance through Manresa Care each year. The main work of the group falls under the following categories: Food supplies (Casserole Bank), Driving and Companionship.

How frequently must I commit?


Mrs Donna Bosnjak

Tel  8862 4021


Not applicable

Are there any other requirements?

Yes – all volunteers are required by law to have a Working with Children Accreditation and a current Police Check – This is not a reflection on our volunteers, it applies across the board to everyone who deals with children such as teachers, sports coaches, school nurses, tutors, parish council members and after care staff.  Refer working with children and police check guidelines.

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