Maytime Fair Committee

About the Maytime Fair Committee

The parish Maytime Fair Committee Coordinates the Parish Stall which sells homemade goodies and sewing items at the annual fundraiser, for the work of the Jesuits of Hazaribag Province in the North East of India.  The fair takes place each May at Xavier College.  The process of cooking and assembly is very much a Community effort in the weeks leading up to the Fair.

How frequently must I commit?

Varied time frame – bigger commitment closer to the Maytime Fair

Do I have to be a good cook?

Definitely not, talents required include logistics, packing and attending the stall on the day of the Fair, so a range of skills other than cooking are required for the success of the project.

What about food allergies?


Bernadette Kirwan

Tel  8862 4020


Each item must include a list of all ingredients.

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