Parish History & Reflections

Sesquicentenary of Immaculate Conception church

2019 marked the 150th Anniversary of the consecration of Immaculate Conception Church, Hawthorn. Please see the 150th Anniversary page on this website for more information and the Virtual Exhibition "Our Parish 1869 to 2019".

A Personal Reflection on The Old Bank Building

You call it "The Old Bank Building". When Father John Bourke was our parish priest, he called it "The Curia" but the parishioners, up to fairly recent times, always referred to it as "The Club".  


An appeal to History (Fr Michael Head, SJ)

"An Appeal to History" The Immaculate Conception church building tells the story, generation by generation of the people who worshipped here and it has long been a symbol of the presence of Christ in this parish and the faith of those who came before us.

Hawthorn - The Story (Fr Michael Head SJ)

The story of the Hawthorn Catholic parish


History Of the Hawthorn Mission (Father Morgan O'Brien)

In the colonial days of the early "forties", when the immigrants from the "old country" were encamped on the Yarra flats, the timbered slopes of what was called Boroondara ("the place of shade") had already been occupied by pioneer squatters. Then a great influx of Catholics took place in the gold days. See more in the History of the Hawthorn Mission

Manresa Hall - The Apollo Theatre (Ian Smith)

The Apollo Theatre (the re-badged Manresa Hall) had a short life as an independent cinema when the Glen closed its doors in about 1933. The theatre was an initiative of the Jesuit Order of the Immaculate Conception Church. 


Men's Sacred Heart Confraternity (The Messenger)

A visitor to the Church of the Immaculate Conception at Hawthorn (Vic.) on any first Sunday of the month at the eight o'clock Mass cannot fail to be impressed by the sight that will meet his eyes as men and boys from all corners of the parish converge to the high stone spire of Immaculate Conception church for the Men's Sacred Heart Confraternity.

Our Resurrection Wall

Our Resurrection Wall, in the south-west corner of the Immaculate Conception church garden is a sacred place to remember, pray for and commune with our deceased loved ones. 


Parish History (Fr Paul)

​Fr Paul's history of Hawthorn parish is available for sale from the Parish Office. The books cost $20 each.

Some Personal Recollections (Margaret de Vries)

Over the years, what is now known as the Bank Building has been known under various guises and titles - the Kindergarten, the Library building, the Club Rooms, 3,4,5, the Youth Club, the Bamboo Room, etc


Stained glass windows (The South Bourke Standard)

A meeting of the Catholics of Hawthorn was held in the church of the Immaculate Conception on Sunday last, for the purpose of allotting the eight stained glass windows to those parishioners who had volunteered subscriptions for their purchase. 

Immaculate Conception church history
Fancy Dress Ball
ICC stained glass - Lourdes