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The Choir of Newman College

The Choir of Newman College, including Stephanie Dingnis our 6 pm Mass singer, has recorded a full Holy Week Compline virtual choir project. Also included below are the choir's recording of  Cesar Franck’s ‘Panis Angelicus’ and Christopher Willcock’s ‘A Newman Grace’ (2018). 

With permission from The Choir of Newman College (more music on The Choir of Newman College Facebook page)

Panis Angelicus
A Newman Grace

Easter music 


Here is how some of our parishioners are using their time creatively while in isolation. Thank you to Georgina and Duy (members of the ICC 9.30 am choir) for this beautiful rendition of 'Hallelujah' and accompanying inspiring visuals.

'Now We Remain' 

'Now We Remain' written by Davis Haas - a Pentecost hymn created "so people could raise their voices and sing the Paschal Mystery", in a special performance by ICC musicians Jane Matheson, Patrick Shannon and Fiona Dyball. More information about David Haas and this hymn: "Now we remain with Jesus the Christ" and "Want to compose new music for Mass".

Followed by 'Shelter Me' composed by Fr Michael Joncas and performed by Jane, Pat and Fiona. Based on Psalm 23 it lights a way to find God's presence even in these fraught times. See Composer's Note and Sheet Music (Copyright 2020. The Jan Michael Joncas Trust. All rights reserved)

Now We Remain - Davis Haas
Shelter Me - Fr Michael Joncas

'Abide With Me' 

Listen to the beloved hymn 'Abide With Me' in this lovely performance by our ICC vocalist Georgina Docherty. 

“O Thou who changest not, abide with me”

Followed by 'Perfect' (Christian Lyrics by Philippa Hannah) sung by Georgina.

Abide With Me - Georgina Docherty
Perfect - Christian Lyrics

God's Call

God’s Call, a hymn by Fiona Dyball, is the featured hymn in New Zealand for July and August. It features Hawthorn parish musicians Jane Matheson and Patrick Shannon, as well as past parish musician Ben Colley. Ben and Fiona take the lead vocal.

God's Call - Fiona Dyball

Anzac Day - Lest We Forget

Georgina Docherty and Krishna Martin (vocalist and musician from ICC 9.30 am Mass) with a charming presentation of "Danny Boy", which is usually sung at Immaculate Conception Church on the Sunday nearest Anzac Day.

Danny Boy - Georgina and Krishna

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