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Fr Des Dwyer SJ

Fr Des Dwyer


Des Dwyer is Parish Priest at Immaculate Conception Hawthorn. Born in Warrnambool he was educated at Xavier College. After leaving school he joined the Jesuits and was ordained in 1974. He did post graduate studies in Spirituality at St Louis University USA, and returned to Sydney to teach in Jesuit Schools for the next 5 years.

He was appointed Novice Master in 1983 and in 1990 went to North Sydney to work with the Business Community. He is a Professional Associate of the St James Ethics Centre, and has worked with both the Public and Private sectors on ethical issues in business and the Professions. In 2004 he moved to Hawthorn and Provincial Delegate for Formation and Province Treasurer.

Liz Frazer

Liz Frazer

I am the Business Manager at Hawthorn Catholic Parish.  I have held this role for twenty years, working alongside firstly Fr Geoffrey James SJ and then Fr Des Dwyer SJ. 

When I took the position at the Parish, I needed a workplace that could envelop me, bring some meaning in my life and also provide me with an environment where I was able to give something back.

This Parish over those years has given me a feeling of warmth and welcome in both my roles of Business Manager and working along with many Jesuits in my role on a Pastoral Ministry Team for all other Jesuit Parishes.  It has also provided me with a community which has given me a sense of belonging, energy, welcome and commitment.

The strength and dedication of the parishioners has encompassed me through my work and this constantly inspires me with the inspiration to sustain me in my mission where we are collaborating constantly with our Jesuit partners to make an ongoing better place for the future.

Fr Paul Horan SJ

We welcome Fr Paul Horan SJ to the Parish. 

Fr Peter L’Estrange SJ

We welcome Fr Peter L’Estrange SJ to the Parish.