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Stewardship Program

Parish Life

Thank You!

You may join as a new contributor at any time by contacting the Parish Business Manager 


Suggested financial arrangements - details of how to support the parish financially during lockdown are here

Thank you to all the parishioners who pledged to our Stewardship Program. Your continued support is greatly appreciated. Please remember to use the new envelopes (dated 7/7/2019 onward) as all the envelope numbers have changed.

Parish Stewardship Program
Opening Address by Mr Paul Docherty, Chairman, Hawthorn Parish Council (download PDF copy)

Future Weekend (25th and 26th May 2019)

Welcome to the final week of our Parish Stewardship Program.

In recent weeks we have reflected on:

  • The role of faith in our lives 

  • The importance of coming together to celebrate the Eucharist each weekend

  • Our commitment to growing in faith


We have also considered our parish as a community of faith:

  • Are we a place of welcome?

  • Do we have a clear mission to live the values of the Gospel?

  • Am I making my contribution to parish life by being involved in our Groups & Ministries?


This week brings it all together.  We look to the future – imagining what sort of parish we want to be.  Led by the Lord, we're filled with hope, but we need the support and contribution of every individual if we are to fulfil God's plan for us.


This week we ask you to finalise your commitments by:

  • Signing up for a parish group or ministry

  • Making your meaningful pledge of financial support to the Stewardship Program.


Fr Des



Thoughts from our leadership team

Why do you think it’s important to support your Parish financially through our Parish Stewardship Program?

“As they say – it’s not that money makes everything good, it’s that no money makes everything bad. Money is a practical necessity for any organisation.”


“Everyone is enriched when everyone shares time, talents and resources. We need to ensure that those in any kind of need are assisted.”


“All things cost money. To maintain staff, activities on offer to parishioners. Maintenance of beautiful buildings that we use and enjoy.”


“It is important to contribute financially if possible to ensure our Parish life as we know it continues to flourish and is sustainable into the future.”


“Faith without action is empty. God calls us through our faith to continue with all the gifts we have been given. By our actions and giving our Father will know us.”

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